Instructor Biographies

Our instructors are practicing professionals carefully chosen to teach their area of expertise. One or two instructor programs can't possibly provide the depth of expertise that our cadre of instructors bring. We have all heard the saying those who can't do teach. Our instructors are the real deal working every day in their area of clinical practice. They bring you current, up to date information and offer insights from the front lines.

Alison Hazelbaker   Amber McCann Angela Love-Zaranka Rebecca Snow Cheryl Harrow Frank Nice
Geri Fitzgerald Jane Bradshaw JoAnn Robinson Karen Rechnitzer Kathy Buckley Kathy Donovan
Kelly Benson-Vogt Lou Lamb Miriam Labbok Peg Merrill Linda Rogowsky Robyn Roche-Paull 
Silvia Ochs Susan Hatcher Vergie Hughes Jenny Tender